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Schuppert/Cosmopolitan Cottage

Purchased in the summer of 1995, Schuppert/Cosmopolitan Cottage is located at 167 East 15th Street and can house up to 10 students.

This house was formerly owned by OAR Incorporated and was purchased by the college when the Cook Hall/Haworth Inn plans were finalized. The house was bought and immediately moved to its new location in order to allow for the construction of the new building. It was then used as the Promethean Fraternity House until the summer of 2003 when it was turned over to the Cosmopolitan Fraternity.

This cottage was named in honor of Mildred Schuppert, the librarian for Hope College and Western Theological Seminary for many years, and for the Cosmopolitan Fraternity.

Floor Plan

Ethernet Hook-Up Availability