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Lichty Hall Room Dimensions


Listed below are general dimensions of hall rooms; specific room dimensions are not available. If you choose to lay carpeting it is highly recommended that you wait until arriving on campus for an accurate measurement. Cutting the carpet after you arrive will help avoid any mistakes. The bed are 80"-long twin that can be bunked, lofted, or used as separate beds.


  • Beds: 83” long, 34” high, 38” wide
  • Dresser: 2 stackable, 3-drawer dressers
  • Desk: 3 large drawers, 1 small drawer
  • Closet: 43” wide, 1 long shelf across width, towel rack on door
  • Walls: Cream color
  • Carpet: dark blue fleck
  • Bathroom: shared, some storage shelves available