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Resident Assistant Application
Candidate Recommendation Form


Candidate Name:
Recommender Name:
Telephone Number:
If needed, may we contact you regarding this reference? Yes No

Please read the online Resident Assistant (RA) job description (go to and click on, “Want to be an RA?”) and respond with your opinion of how successful this candidate would be in the position of RA.  We recognize that most students are very capable in many areas, but it takes a unique set of strengths and character traits for a student to be an exceptional RA.  We appreciate your honest assessment of this candidate in helping us to determine if he/she will be a good fit for our staff.


1. How long and in what capacity have you known the candidate?

2. What is your assessment of the candidate’s interpersonal and communication skills?

3. How have you seen the candidate take initiative and be creative in meeting his/her goals?

4. RAs are often required to address difficult or stressful situations with maturity and leadership.  Please give an example of a time you observed the candidate responding well to such a situation.

5. To what extent do you believe the candidate will be effective in working with staff and students of diverse backgrounds?

6. What experiences or traits does this candidate possess that will help him/her in planning and implementing social and educational activities for other students?

7. Describe ways in which you have observed this candidate using effective time management skills to fulfill multiple commitments.

8. Based on your knowledge of the candidate as well as the Resident Assistant position for which he/she is applying, please indicate your overall recommendation of how this person will function in this position.

Highly recommend
Recommend with reservations
Cannot recommend at this time

Electronic Signature and Agreement
I certify that all the information given on this recommendation is complete and accurate.



IMPORTANT: After clicking submit, please wait until you see the 'Thank You!' page before you exit the system. Your recommendation has not been submitted successfully until you see the confirmation page.

Please address any questions to:

Liz Kubias or Christine McCall 
Selection Coordinators
(616) 395-6930 or (616) 395-6999

Note: Candidates will be interviewing for the RA position on January 29, 2016 and February 6, 2016.